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TimJok Jok
Два весёлых тоста:

Друзья! Давайте выпьем за моего очень хорошего друга, которого я часто вспоминаю. Я вспоминаю его и днем, и ночью, и рано утром, и поздно вечером. Я вспоминаю его, когда иду на работу, и даже вовремя работы, когда бываю в гостях и на прогулке, в походах и на отдыхе, и в дождь, и в слякоть, и в мороз. В общем, вспоминаю я моего друга везде и всюду и даже когда сижу с вами, друзья мои, вот за этим столом... и никак не могу вспомнить моего хорошего друга, черт бы его побрал... Так выпьем же за моего друга!
Пожилой мужчина стоял на автобусной остановке, к нему подошел молодой человек и спросил:"Который час?". Мужчина на это никак не отреагировал. Парень повторил свой вопрос. Опятьмолчание. Крепко выругавшись, незнакомец ушел. Стоявший рядом человек недовольно поинтересовался:
- Ну что за манера, почему вы не ответили молодому человеку?
- Я скажу вам почему. Вот я стою здесь сам по себе и жду автобуса. Ко мне подходит парень и хочетузнать время. Допустим, я отвечу. Тогда у нас может завязаться беседа, и он предложит: "Давайвыпьем по рюмочке". Затем мы выпьем по одной и еще. Потом я предложу ему перекусить, и мыотправимся ко мне домой, пожарим себе на кухне колбасу с яйцами. В это время войдет мо дочь, и онвлюбится в нее, а она - в него. Через некоторое время они поженятся. Но зачем же такой зять, которыйне может приобрести себе часы. Так выпьем же за мужчин, которые могут приобрести себе все необходимое!
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Paediatric orthopaedic surgeons get pay training in UK, reports say

Doctors, nurses and pharmacists are being trained to work alongside the NHS, a report on the future of NHS medical training says.

The British Medical Association said that around 15,000 trained doctors, nurses and pharmacists will be recruited from the wider workforce over the next five years.

The training will take place in the UK but is being developed and funded in other countries to include India, South Korea, Israel and Australia, BMA says.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Why did Britain end its NHS relationship?

The BMA said this would involve training nurses to become emergency care experts, providing orthopaedic surgery residents and paediatrics fellows, which currently serve fewer than half of the Royal Free hospital.

Its report was backed by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

'New medical skills'

Its general secretary, Sir Robert Thompson, said there was "a real and growing sense that the NHS is not meeting the needs of our ageing population".

And he said there was a demand for skilled doctors to deal with new treatments.

The BMA's report also highlighted the importance of specialist training in a variety of areas:

A new speciality trainee will be trained in medicine after studying abroad

Veterans with a specialist qualification in emergency care will be given permission to work in hospitals within 10 years

Healthy children from the public sector may be offered the opportunity to work in the private sector as nurse midwives after training

And, with a focus on women's health, the report said the National Health Service (NHS), the NHS Improvement Corporation, NHS Improvement Partnership and the National Health Service Improvement Foundation would all increase their training capacity in emergency care.

Image caption Many doctors have jobs outside the emergency department

NHS England said it would "continue to build up" its emergency care training capacity.

"I am pleased to announce our new Strategic Plan will be the next steps in this drive which we've been working on for the last three years," said Dr Philippa Dix.

She said the plan would enable the NHS to "enhance the delivery of emergency care services and prepare for the future of health", adding: "It will ensure we are prepared for the future to have the best health care system in the world."

The future of hospital services

BMA chief executive Prof Sir Robert Thompson said there were around 14,000 people employed at the Royal Free Hospital in London. He said the hospital has one of the highest surgical waiting lists in Britain, with 30,000 patients waiting for a catheter.

BMA secretary general Prof Sir Brian Leveson said hospitals across the country neede

Crunch looming again on both sides of the Atlantic – the possibility of the EU being abandoned and the UK leaving it – is leading to the suggestion that the EU is being forced to offer concessions to Europe, not by saying 'No', but by saying 'No thanks'.

In this week's Guardian report, David Kelly, a former French prime minister who served as prime minister in 2002, argues that despite repeated attempts by the EU to "maintain the integrity of its institutions" for the sake of national unity, the bloc is currently in a "trench of uncertainty" because of its increasingly divisive nature.

Mr Kelly believes that "there are times and places when one is forced to say 'No' simply for political reasons, for economic reasons or as a condition of EU membership. In such cases, one is compelled to speak against the very institutions the EU is supposed to defend." The result, according to Mr Kelly, is that the bloc seems "firmly convinced, even in the face of strong, vocal dissent and resistance, that Europe is an institution that can not survive without some kind of reassessment".

Mr Kelly's case isn't totally without merit. The EU has had to confront its own internal contradictions throughout its existence and for Mr Kelly, the most fundamental issue is the creation of a truly democratic EU. But there's some evidence to support his argument.

Mr Kelly's argument is based on an intriguing and intriguing observation in his new book, Europe's Unfinished Crisis: Why the EU's Union was a Great Idea, but has Failed. (This blog is part of a collaboration between the European Council of Foreign Relations and the London School of Economics.)

His argument runs as follows: European Union member states must be made aware of their own economic weaknesses in order to create "Europe's unfinished crisis".

His argument, as it applies to the UK, is quite telling. As soon as the UK leaves the EU, Mr Kelly says, it is doomed to being "totally and utterly isolated as a free market economy. The British will become poorer, the economy will languish, and, in the face of all that is wrong about the UK and the country, the UK will continue to be a poor country."

Mr Kelly argues that this sort of isolation will be "a significant drawback" for Britain; indeed, he has described the UK as the "first European country with a negative external attractiveness index." For Mr Kelly, it's a situation that would encourage those who don't think that the UK should become more outward-looking to vote Leave. "One may vote for Brexit to prevent the UK from being 'totally and entirely isolated as a free market economy.' But, the same would be true if the UK were to become an economicall
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